Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Boy and his Ears

On January 3, C was diagnosed with his eighth or ninth ear infection. This time I agreed to go "back to the beginning" and we tried amoxocillan again. This time at a much stronger dose, and twice a day.

Wow does it make a world of difference when C can actually HEAR what is being said around him.

For the first time in...ever... C is actually trying. Trying to say new words, trying to mimic, trying to communicate what it is that he needs and wants. My favorite is when he says "D help! Let's pay."

Or when he tells me to "shh! qiet Mommy!" as he spies on his brother through the window.

About half way through the antibiotics, I noticed a huge improvement. Among the first "tricks" that he learned (finally) was his body parts. Head, belly, feet, ears are among the his favorites to point out.

Along with nose.

And mouth.

Today, C had his hearing test, which we were told was needed before an ENT would even consider seeing us. However, thanks to C's amazing doctor we have an appointment bright and early on Friday. Before we had even had the hearing test. Which I am happy to say C passed, even with the beginnings of another ear infection in his left ear. This poor boy can't catch a break, but I'm hoping the appointment on Friday will help with moving us in the right direction.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Wow, not blogging for over a week has felt pretty weird. I know I've done that before, but I've been on a roll lately and something threw a kink in it. Not that I didn't have anything to say, because I did.  I could have told you how I am now another year older and that day was so much better than it was last year, all because of the attitude of those around me (including myself). As D put it, it was an awesome day. Or how we were thisclose to getting a dog for the boys, but in the end had to back down because we wanted to make sure we were more prepared (financially) and the boys were a little bigger and more responsible with their things. I'll miss you Sasha.

So I'll re-start my blogging this month with the not so great. D and I got the flu. It was bad for me, but horrible for D. It made my heart sad to have to watch (and hear)him...vomit his little heart out while begging me to take him to the doctors.

Anyone who knows D knows that he HATES doctors. With a capital H. Unless of course the "doctor" is his daddy. The boys' received a Mickey Mouse doctor kit for Christmas and it was put to good use that night.

Thank goodness for Kel, because he had to take over main parent duties that night as my poor stomach could not handle it. So Kel also had to take care of me while he was taking care of D. Throw C into the mix, and it was a tough night for Kel. (Thank you Baby!)

Yesterday, I finally gave in and took D to the doctor. He's still been complaining of a stomachache, his eating is still poor, and he's just all around not good. His weigh in proved it. At 36.4 pounds (thirty first percentile) and 42 inches ( fifty second percentile), my buddy is one skinny string bean.

I thought it'd be a simple check up, but we had to wait for D to pee in a cup. It turns out, that the doctor was worried about appendicitis. Which never even crossed my mind. Even though it should have, because I had it when I was in high school.

After forty five minutes (we had to wait for D to pee in a cup remember?) the doctor finally came in. With a mask over her face, completely freaking D out. He didn't want to go anywhere near her, and tried to hide behind me the entire time. She had to turn around, with her hands in the air, three times before D finally accepted the fact that she wasn't carrying any secret shots to give him.

Ears. Great. Throat. Great. Belly. Not quite sure, as she didn't say anything after checking it. The final test was helping him of the exam table. D was asked to jump of the stool, and although he was not in the mood, he did. And passed the appendicitis test, as he didn't double over in pain clutching his side when he landed. So an hour later, and we know now that D is dehydrated and just has a bad case of the stomach flu.

We've been trying to beat it. However, it's taken a lot longer than I (or D) would like. It's been an off and on thing, where one minute he's playing and happy and the next he is holding his stomach and asking to go back to the doctors.

I will be happy when my little buddy gets over this.

And goes back to this.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{2011 in a nutshell}

2011 had a lot packed into it. Our first year in our house, a broken bone, a few trips to the ER, the births of new cousins as well as the death of a beloved uncle. The point of this blog is not so others will know what's been going on in our lives (although that is an added bonus), but a place for me to keep records of everything that has been going on with the boys and my family. So I will start my annual tradition of doing a yearly recap so that the boys and I can look back and see what we did that year.


January is Kel and my birthday month. We had just moved in the house and was in the process of getting everything organized. The boys were in love with their new backyard and when it wasn't raining, you'd always be able to find them outside driving their pink Cadillac. D got to attend his first basketball game with Kel. The Los Angeles Clippers were playing the Denver Nuggets and he had a blast. Of course he got a special treat while he was there that I wasn't supposed to know about, but the minute he woke up the next morning it was all about "Mom, Dad let me have soda!" You can not keep a secret from this kid. C also had his first doctor's visit of the year with what I thought was an ear infection. Luckily I was wrong that time and we found out he weighed twenty three pounds and four ounces. C grew so much in that month, from only using his fingers to eat and drinking out of a sippy cup to using the proper eating utensils and drinking out of an open cup. Anything he could do to keep up with D, he did.


February was when I started my blog. I had just gotten a new camera and was told I post too many pictures on Facebook so I decided this was the next best thing. That way those who wanted to read about and see pictures of the boys could and those who didn't wouldn't be bothered. C got his third tooth on the bottom and started telling me when he wanted to take his naps. D and I conquered his fear of the dark with a night light, went on a few movie dates, started working on his letters, and continued our battle with potty training. When ended the month on a bad note with C starting his ear infection marathon, although I was still thinking it was teething at the time.


March brought new life to both sides of the family. My older sister had her twin girls on March 2 while Kel's younger sister had her daughter on March 24. It also brought C's first confirmed ear infection on March 8 and our first round of antibiotics. Gigi tried to help with D's sleeping problems and while he was very excited to go on a special shopping trip with Gigi, it was hard to keep him in his own bed every night. D also had his first success with the potty and it only got better after that. Well, better with the potty training that is. Poor D fractured his wrist at the end of March while playing at Lemon park and had to wear a cast for five weeks. My brave boy didn't let this slow him down and loved having everyone sign his cast.

(See those pink cheeks? Yeah, those were a constant this month.)


April was a busy month for C. He had two different ear infections and two different medications that month. It was not fun for him, especially the side effects of the last medication he was on. D went to his first bowling party for our cousin H. Once he warmed up, he loved it, even though his arm was in a cast and he wasn't able to bowl much. I think he just liked being around his cousins and an excuse to eat cake. Kel and I decided to be adventurous this month and planted our first garden. It was a success and we've been enjoying our peppers and tomatoes this year. Towards the end of the month, the boys got to meet their new cousin Z. D said hi but was otherwise uninterested while C was wherever Z was. He was not used to being around kids younger than he was so I'd say he did pretty well. Maybe it was the fact that he was still under the weather. On the 19th Kel took D to get his cast off. I was expecting him to come back with a splint that he'd have to wear for two or three weeks. Instead he came home with a bright yellow cast that he choose in honor of his friend Ducky. Easter was fun this year. C was old enough to enjoy the festivities and D was excited that he got to go to Dad's work for an egg hunt. Next year I'll make sure to make more eggs for C to color.


May brought a big change for our family. Kel got laid off from his job and with me being home with no income, we were scrambling to figure out our next move. Luckily Kel had a friend who got him a job working as a stage hand for Hell's Kitchen. The only downside was that it was a night time job, so he worked all night (twelve hours) and sleep the majority of the day. But it worked for us and we are thankful that he had that opportunity. For the most part C was done with his ear infections by the middle of May. He received his fourth antibiotic May 5 and was given a clean bill of health May 18th.  May 3rd D got his cast off  for good. He kept asking for a red one to be put on, and continued asking for one for a few months later, but his bone was healed and he didn't need to have any further medical treatment. His poor arm was so dry and skinny! His transition period was... interesting to say the least, but he was happy to finally have full use of both of his arms. Which came in handy, as by the end of the month D finally decided that he was done with diapers and ready to use the potty like a big boy. C wanted in on the action that first day, but quickly decided that it wasn't for him (yet). May was especially hard this month, not just because of the lay off and C's ear infection, but because Kel's uncle passed away from cancer a month after diagnosis.


June 16th is D's fourth birthday. We had fun playing together during the day and then had family over for dinner. He loved being center of attention this year and couldn't open his presents fast enough. For his birthday, his Aunt K bought him his first pet, a fish, which he wanted nothing to do with. No matter how much I tried to tell him that the fish stayed in the bowl and wouldn't bite him, he wouldn't believe me. So his first pet became my second fish. June also brought a new friend for D. My friend from high school, C, had her son two days prior to D’s birthday and we've always tried to get the boys together. For some reason, it never worked out until this year. I'm so glad that we finally did, as the boys have become inseparable. If you ask D who E is, he'll simply say "E's my very best friend and I love him." He's such a sweet boy. C learned stayed relatively healthy this month and learned how to climb out of the playpen. So much for having a safe place to quarantine him. Our family got exciting news in the middle of the month when Kel was officially given the job at Edison. Even though we had to wait until July for his training to start, we were very excited to finally be moving forward. We ended the month with a trip to see different types of cars and another visit from Nana.


We started off July with a beach trip. Once we stopped trying to get the boys into the water, the day was enjoyed by all. For the Fourth of July we stayed home since our house is so close to the park where the festivities are held  and watched from our front yard. Well, Kel and I watched while the boys went to sleep. D got to meet his cousins for the first time this month. He was pretty much the same with M and M as he was with Z. He'd look, he'd touch, he even played for a little bit with MG but for the most part he kept his distance. D's slip 'n slide and pool that he received for his birthday got a good workout this month. Almost every day was spent outside using one or both of them. C decided to test a few boundaries this month. He found out that sticking his finger into the fan wasn't such a good idea. That if he pushed his brother too far D would retaliate. And that if he kept going in the backyard without his shoes then there is a good chance that he'll get stung by a bee. Unfortunately, that last boundary sent us to urgent care with C covered in hives. We now know that C is allergic to bees and we have an Epi pen just in case this ever happens again.  Kel finally got to start his training for his new job with Edison, which meant that he was gone for a week and a half in Westminster going through his training session while the boys and I stayed home and tried to enjoy ourselves. This month ended with the boys and I making a trip to Nana. While the time we spent at her house was a lot of fun, the trip there wasn't. C spent the entire time we went over the Grape Vine screaming because of his ears. Poor Buggy.


August was mine and Kel's ninth anniversary. It's hard to believe that we've been together so long, and people are still asking when the wedding will be. Well, it'll happen when it happens. I'm not worried about it at the moment. This month C showed me how big he really is. He went from being my baby to being a little boy in the matter of a park visit. I was amazed, and a little sad, to see him play on all the playground equipment that was meant for five years or older. The boys and I hung out with my cousins a lot this month. We went to our local farm and enjoyed a train ride and bouncer. C loved putting the carrots down the feeding shoot for the animals while D just threw the carrots over the fence. We also went to the Aquarium of the Pacific for the first time. While it wasn't a major hit, the boys did have fun and I'll be taking them back when they are a little older and D has an easier time with the dark and crowds. The end of August was hard for our family. We learned that Kel's dad had cancer and would be starting chemo and radiation shortly. It was a hard blow, as they had just lost their uncle to cancer in May.


September started with a bang. Or should I say a bump, as C fell backwards off one of his toys onto the sidewalk and earned himself a trip to the ER. After three hours at the hospital, with one being for observation, we were sent home and told just to watch for any signs that he's worsening. We had many playdates with E and Ms. C, which made everyone happy. The boys loved having someone to play with and I'm so happy that I have a friend who has a child and knows what it's like to be a mommy. Our kids and our family come first, and I had a few friends who didn't understand that. I suppose that is one of the reasons why we are no longer friends and I'm all the more better for it. We had our first thunderstorm this month, and while C slept through it and D ignored it, I loved standing on my front porch watching. It was actually somewhat peaceful. We ended the month with a double date. D and I went with my Aunt D and H to see Phineas and Ferb Live! It was so much fun and we hope to have a repeat sometime in 2012. D loves hanging out with H and if he isn't asking to play with E then he's asking to go over to H's house. I mean, who else but a cousin can teach you all the tricks of a light saber?


October brought a birthday for a special little someone. C turned two on the 23rd and loved having everyone over to celebrate. The highlight of the day had to have been the family time in the jumper. While I stressed for the longest time about having the "perfect" party , Kel's mom said it best when she said "People are not coming over for the perfect food and appetizers at a two year old's birthday party. They are coming to love C and make his day a special one." And it was. Only to follow up with his first ear infection of the "cold season" the next day. Not fun. C started showing more interest in potty training. I have the 3 day method that we'll use when he's more ready. It feels like the second time around will be a lot easier than the first. Kel and his brother started our home improvement projects by taking down the popcorn ceilings. It was a mess but well worth it. The house fells like a completely different house. D showed us that he's a very good baseball player in addition to basketball. Add in his martial arts that Kel's friend D taught him and he'll be a well-rounded athlete. He loves being able to hit the ball that dad pitches to him rather than hit the ball of the tee. Looks like we'll be getting D into baseball this spring. October ended with Halloween with family. D had talked about being Batman, however when he saw that Batman wore a mask he decided to be Buzz Lightyear again. Which went perfectly with C's Woody costume. The boys had a lot of fun going from house to house, saying trick or treat! (or "Trick or Please!" in C's case) and can't wait to do it next year.


November started with a big change for C. He decided that he was ready for the big boy bed and helped me dismantle his crib. While it hasn't been an easy transition, and bedtime has usually ended with me asleep alongside him. The whole month was a struggle but we finally got naptime down  to were he'll sleep by himself. Now we are working on bedtime. The boys and I continued our Donut Wednesdays and decided to add in a walk to McDonalds. We spent Thanksgiving morning with Nana and Papa, having brunch and playing at the park. Thanksgiving night was spent with Poppy, Gigi, and the rest of my family eating great food and playing our annual Holiday Poker Tournament. This year Mommy made it to third place! November brought good news for D, in that we confirmed that he is not anemic nor did he have allergies. However, the middle of the month confirmed that C had fluid in his ears that turned into full blown ear infections by the time we had his two year well check up on the 30th. The good news, if you can call it good news, is that we finally got a referral to have C's hearing tested so that we can see an ENT about getting tubes put in. I'm hoping the beginning of 2012 will see C having the tubes put in and on his way to staying healthy and talking more. Then maybe we'll have better luck with his potty training, as we started but had to stop because he got too frustrated with the communication aspect of it. Speaking of potty training, November brought no more accidents for D at night so he is officially, 100%, day AND night, potty trained.


December was a busy month, in that Kel spent a lot of time with his dad. Sometimes the boys and I would tag along to watch Z, but the majority of the time we were home by ourselves. We found two new parks this month, with one being within walking distance. The boys love being able to walk to the park. As well as McDonald's for lunch with Dad and an ice cream cone. Only in Southern California can you enjoy walking home with an ice cream cone in December. The beginning of the month landed C in the ER (again) for another (or is it the same one) ear infection. In both ears. With a fever that wasn't even touched by the Tylenol and took a while to go down with the Motrin. This was the first time that C actually needed to get the antibiotic shot to help kickstart the ten day dose that he'd be on. Luckily after two hours we were sent home. At his follow up appointment a few days later his ears were still red. Dr. M (whom I love!) helped get his referral process on track and we finally have dates in place. January 4th will bring another follow up appointment for C's ears, which is a good thing since he's playing with them again, and January 18 will be his hearing test. Once we receive the results from the hearing test, we'll be able to set up our appointment with the ENT. Christmas was nice this year. The boys met some new cousins, we got to see Grandpa for a little bit, and D enjoyed playing with his Nerf guns with Uncle D that Santa brought.

2011 was a decent year. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worse. We made new friends and lost those who weren't really friends in the first place. There were stressful times, but for the most part there were a lot of fun times. I'm just looking forward to what 2012 will bring. D will turn five in June and head off to KINDERGARTEN at the end of August. I can't believe I just said that. C won't be three until towards the end of the year, but I'm hoping that by that time we'll accomplish potty training, talking, binky weaning, sleeping by himself, and the end of ear infections. Whether the last is accomplished with tubes or without tubes is still to be determined. Kel and I will be celebrating ten years together in August, and I'm hoping to plan some type of family trip.

Happy New Years!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas {2011}

Christmas is my favorite time of year. The lights, the music, the food. All of it, rolled into one, spent with all of our family makes for one happy Mama. We were happy to visit with Nana in the beginning of the month when she came to watch Z. While it was short, and C wasn't on his best behavior, we are happy with anytime we can spend with Nana.

Christmas Eve was spent with Kel's family. We went to his Aunt's ranch and had dinner and opened presents. The boys loved playing with new cousins. Especially after we opened presents and found out that D got a football. Let's just say the "No ball in the house" rule was broken several times that weekend. We ended the night with a visit to Grandpa, as the boys and I have not seen him since Halloween. I continued my tradition of wrapping presents n Christmas Eve with a cup of coffee and Christmas Music.

C woke up Christmas morning before the rest of us. I had forgotten to shut his door completely (we have a safety knob on so he can't wonder the house in the middle of the night), so he had already opened a present before the rest of us woke up. Luckily it was one of his own, and it kept him occupied while we woke D up.

Present time!

C was loaded up with cars...

While D was ecstatic with a new Leapster Explorer game and Batman car.

Can you tell?

Well maybe C was a little more ecstatic with the Batman car.

I think I need to send a note to Santa about age appropriate toys. We had a mishap at Poppy and Gig's house when Uncle D accidentally hit D in the eye with a dart. But it didn't slow D or C down, and is still a favorite toy to play with today.

The boys and I ended the night with dinner and (you guessed it) poker. C loved playing with his cousins' toys while they were gone and D enjoyed showing off his Leapster. They loved the Spiderman masks and figures that they received from M and M and the new clothes from Poppy and Gigi, but the biggest hit was from Uncle D with his 1000+ piece Cars coloring kit. Every morning, C stands in front of the closet and says "Mom, I cowar! Mom I cowar Prease!" until I bring it down. Thank you everyone for making the boys' Christmas a great one!