Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey Batter, Batter...

For the past few months, D has shown... an off and on desire to play baseball. For the most part we stay in our backyard, with Kel tossing the ball for D to hit since we don't own a tee. And D is actually really good.

Last Friday, Kel took the boys and me to our local batting cages with one of his friends. Now I thought that the boys and I would just be bystanders, but Kel had other ideas. D was up first (with the help of Kel's friend B) in the softball slow pitch. Which still sent the balls flying towards him at 40 miles per hour. But he held his own, and even though he wasn't always watching the ball, he still managed to hit one on his own.

Kel took C into the same cage that D went to. Thankfully (for my heart), Kel didn't leave C alone too often. It was cute to watch, and C looked so small in the big cage. But he had a blast and enjoyed spending the time with his dad.


We didn't stay very long, and the boys were a little disappointed that they didn't have more chances to bat, but we'll be back again soon.