Monday, September 26, 2011

In a Funk

I think I've been in a funk lately. There were some things going on at home that I just don't feel comfortable sharing online for anyone to read. Those of you close to me know what happened, and know how it ended. Know how much it hurt. At one point, I almost deleted this blog. But I can't do that. This is my outlet and ways for over posting the pictures of the boys without annoying anyone. Besides, if I deleted this blog, then those who sought to hurt me and my family would win. So I did the next best thing and made this blog private.

So if you're reading this, you are in the circle of trust.

On that note...

D's at it again. He's been so good since the transition phase after his fourth birthday.

But last week was a trial for him. Hitting, crying, screaming, yelling, finger pointing, you name it, he's done it.

There were a few days last week when I thought we had started heading in the right direction, especially when his consequences were doubly enforced, but then he'd go back to the bad behavior the next day.

Needless to say, there were many days last week that D had all of his television and video game time taken away rather than just a portion of it and time outs in his bedroom.

Bed time brought a change as well, as he was not allowed to have any of his extras that he likes to take to bed with him. I love my little monster buddy, and I hope this phase passes as quickly as the last one did.

I like it better when he tells me I'm his most famous Mommy rather than tell me that he's going to take me to jail with his eyes shooting daggers at me and his lower lip puffed out into the perfect pout topped off with a little quiver.

At least five out of the seven nights ended on high notes, with color sessions, some bed jumping, and singing and dancing to music.

The cherry on top was when my lovable (when he's not being ornery) guy telling me that I am his heart because we are family.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pure Imagination

My boys can be inventive when they choose to be. Unfortunately, there's been a Jedi Lightsaber shortage in our area. Seems Obi Wan and Luke have found another Sith Lord to fight.

Okay, I'm done.


D and C decided that our badminton rackets made for awesome swords.

Quick step to the right, feint to the left, swift thrust to the arm and down went C.

In the most dramatic fashion ever. I swear that boy is going to be some artistic entertainer when he grows up.

After some face time with the grass,

and a few minutes to contemplate his next move,

C was back on his feet and itching to fight.

Spin, step, duck, parry followed with a lunge and a flick of the “sword” and down went D. Not so graceful but still as dramatic.

I couldn’t let the duel end in a tie so round three was going to be the third and final.

Until they decided that my rule of  “below the neck and above the waist didn’t apply anymore.”

Mean Mommy.

Oh well. As with everything they do, it was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Basketball Star

The boys and I have been on our own a lot lately, so our backyard has been our best friend.

It's where D has perfected his basketball skills.

Going from the boy who needed his daddy to lift him to make the basket

To the boy who could confidently shoot a two pointer.

There isn't a word in the English vocabulary to describe how proud I am of him. Now if only he could learn to share better...

Putting Air in a Liquid

We don't get to do it a lot in the house, but yesterday the boys and I decided to blow air into a liquid.

Otherwise known as the kid-favorite game of blowing bubbles.

Normally, this activity is restricted to outside due to the face that C would rather dump the whole half of the bottle on the floor.

However, after the day we had yesterday, not to mention the unwillingness of the boys to play outside, I decided a special treat was in order.

It may have only lasted twenty minutes, but we all had fun and it was a good stress reliever for me. C was not a happy camper when it came time to put the bubbles away.

Did you notice the shiner C is sporting under his left eye?

No? Well here's a better shot.

Remember how I said that this boy needed to live in a bubble? I wasn't joking. Last Saturday was spent in the ER getting his head wound checked out. Which I suppose wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Well after three hours at the hospital, one being for observation, and delighting the entire emergency department with his antics with another little boy, C was declared fine and only needs a follow up if he was showing signs of worsening. Which of course he didn't. I should have known he'd be ok. My kids have heads of steel.

So back to the shiner. Luckily today it's gone for the most part. It was rest time for the boys and I decided that they could watch a show in my room before I separated them. Mistake number One. I changed diapers, found lovies, and got C a cup of milk and tucked them into my bed watching Phineas and Ferb while I went to clean the kitchen. Leaving them alone. In a room. With a bed that is perfect for bouncing. Mistake number Two. I checked on them twice, told them to stop jumping on the bed twice, and went back to cleaning the kitchen without separating them. Which I should have done after the first admonishment. Lesson learned, but Mistake number Three. Three strikes and I'm out.

I don't know what happened completely, but what I could gather from a crying four year old and a screaming almost two year old (sigh), was that they were jumping on the bed and jumped into each other's head. Shocker.  So D has a small bruise on his forehead over his left eye and C looks like he went a round or two. Okay, so that may be an exaggeration, especially as it looks as if the bruise is all but gone today, however you catch my drift. Sigh. Anyone know where I can find a toddler size hamster ball?

Regardless of the bumps and bruises, I love my time with my boys.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bowling in Heaven

When I was younger, and afraid of thunderstorms, my dad used to tell me that it was just the angels bowling in Heaven. I don't know why, but that thought always soothed me when ever the noise became too loud or the house shook.


Yesterday, I found myself repeating the sentiment to D when he scrambled into my lap with his hands over his ears. We had a rare thunder storm that lasted about an hour and finished with few minutes of hail.

It started out as a distant rumble and gray clouds.

D and I were enjoying some quiet time reading while C took his nap and Kel was helping his dad. I didn't think D noticed the noise, but he turned to me and asked if I was hungry. Silly boy. I kept my phone close by so that I could catch the updates via Facebook. One friend noted the thunder shook the roof in the city to the east of us while another friend shared that he was driving through the flash flood and lightning on the 101 freeway in the city to the west of us. As this was our first thunderstorm of the year, I wasn't sure how D was going to handle it.

I shouldn't have worried.

When D could hear the sharp clap of thunder, followed by a slow rumble, and finished off with flash of lightning, he just looked at me for assurance. While I'll admit to texting Kel that there were a few that scared the $*%# out of me, for the most part I just enjoyed the ride. Which meant that D could enjoy it as well. When he wasn't putting his hands over his ears.

Surprisingly, C slept through the storm. Once D had earned time on his video game, I stood on my front porch and just watched the storm roll in. Those who drove by probably thought I was crazy, but I was determined to enjoy the fresh air and the change in scenery.

Wouldn't you know, the minute I stepped out on the porch, the rain started. In buckets. I loved it, although D said that it smelled like dirty diapers.

It was over too soon and a complete teaser. I can't wait until rainy season hits our little section of California.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fruits of our Labor

Remember when I mentioned that the boys and I started a garden back in April? Well our thumbs have stayed green and we are now proud owners of two different bell pepper plants, banana peppers, jalapeño (?) peppers, and tomatoes. Not to mention the surprise crop of squash that the previous owner must have planted.

Kel did a lot to maintain everything.

D did his part. Sometimes.

But I'd like to attribute the majority of our success to this little guy.

I know I've mention before, but C loves to be outside and in the dirt. Adding water in the mix is just the cherry on top.

Would anyone like some squash or red jalapeño peppers?