Monday, May 23, 2011


D is what I like to call a stubborn late bloomer. He's a very smart little boy and likes to do things in his own time.

Crawling? Never fully got the up on all fours concept but mastered the army crawl.

At 10 months.

Walking? Decided it wasn't necessary for him to attempt that milestone until he was 14 months.

Had it mastered by 19 months.

Talking? Who needs talking when throwing tantrums and screaming got his way. (Yes I know, bad mom) He went to speech therapy at 2 and was finally caught up to his age level.

At age 3.

Well now we can add another accomplishment to his "Better late then never" campaign.

Potty training.

Yes, D finally decided that he was ready to pee like a big boy over the weekend and has so far not had any acccidents with #1. #2 on the other hand, still needs some work. But I'm just so proud of him. I think playing with his friend from next door and my cousin H on Friday night helped him realize that he was ready to join the big boys. Saturday morning he woke up and told me "Mom I don't need to wear diapers anymore. Those are for babies like C." So I put underoos (this is what D has decided to call them) on him and he told me each and every time that he needed to pee. Of course he needed to pee standing up, like H and Daddy do, so he still needs to work on his aim. But he's so completely happy with himself that he can't stop smiling. I thought this might be a fluke but Sunday and today have been more of the same thing so I think D is ready to say adiĆ³s to his diapers once and for all.

He'll be 4 next month.

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