Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Happy Nineteen months my Love Bug!

How is it, that I blinked and you look more boy than baby? 

I started this post like I did my previous posts. A list of what I considered to be some of his accomplishments of the month and pictures to go along. However, going over the "list" I noticed that a lot of it was redundant. C hasn't really changed a whole lot over the past month. Yes, he's grown a new bottom tooth (for a total of I believe twelve all together), his eating is still crappy (although he'll eat a little more if he's left with his plate and a fork and no help), and he's still having problems with his sleeping ( waking up at least once in the middle of the night throughout this past week and still trying to decide if he wants needs one or two naps during the day.)

But while there isn't a significant change with his pearly whites, eating habits, or sleep patterns, C has started to try to talk more. I think being fluid free in his tiny little ears has helped him hear what we've been saying to him which in turn has helped him to start mimicing. He's behind. A lot. I could probably count on both my hands how many words he can clearly say. Peppered among the "Mom", "Dad", "uh oh", and "Dian" are the "what's that", "go", "quack quack", "woah", and "ball". There are many sounds that I understand what he's trying to say, but is still to garbled to be considered an actual word. I'm hoping that he remains infection free so that we can aggressively work on his language skills.

As far as new favorites go?

C loves to play air hockey on the table that Uncle M and Daddy brought home. He's actually pretty good.

C loves to play in the water. While it has taken him a bit to get used to D squirting him with the hose, he has figured out how to get even.

C has blossomed into quite an artist. If placed under "quarantine" as Kel lovingly calls C's time spent in the play pen, you will most likely find him drawing on Doodle.

C loves when we dog sit Charlie. I really need to work on Kel about getting the boys a dog. Maybe not this summer, or even this year. But someday. Soon.

C found a jump rope that D was given for Christmas from Aunt N. He hasn't put it down since he found it. I have conveniently hidden it so he stops tying himself up.

C loves to play with his fingers. Therefore if you ever catch him just idly walking by, you'll most likely find him in his "butler pose".

C loves to play cars. Yes, I know that this has been a favorite of his for a few months now, but I love this picture and just had to share. He knows which ones are from Cars the movie and which ones are just your average Hot Wheels. Needless to say, C has a temper to rival mine whenever D decides to "trade" Cars for cars.

I love you to the moon and back my brown eyed boy.

I'm so utterly happy to have you for my son, I can't imagine my life without you in it. 

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