Friday, June 10, 2011


May 2 was a horrible day.

Kel got laid off.

He worked for a mortgage company as a Document Control Specialist. I'm not sure what the details of his job were, but he enjoyed it, it paid the bills, and it was less than two miles away from home. It also got me a few new friends who , although I've never hung out with them outside the few times me and the boys visited Kel at work, have made some great women to talk to. Heckling Kel was just an added bonus.

May 2 sucked, for lack of a better term.

Being home with the boys means that we've relied on one income since November. It hasn't always been easy, and Christmas was none existent,  but we made it work. And we have been happy.

May 2 was stressful.

Lucky for us, Kel's buddy B had a job waiting for him. Doing something that I never, in a million years, would have guessed Kel would be doing. Kel is now working as a stand in on Hell's Kitchen.  I laugh because Kel has an aversion to anything related to Hollywood. I've stopped buying US Weekly, OK! Magazine, and In Touch as I've become tired with taunting that Kel does every time he sees me read one (love you Babe). So Kel's doing ... what ever it is a stand in does... and again the bills are being paid. There's only one glitch in this plan.

Kel works twelve hours. In Culver City. At night. So in addition to the twelve hours of actual work, he has around two to three hours of driving time.

Which leaves me alone with the boys and feeling like a single mom. Hence the title of the post.

I have so much more respect for those women who are actually single moms. I know that I look forward to the short intervals during the week that Kel has to take over child duty so I can catch my breath.

The boys and I have finally gotten a pretty good routine going. During the day Kel catches up on his sleep. Which means that the boys and I are on our own. Which really isn't any different than when he worked his  eight to five job, so it's only our night routine that has really changed. Kel usually works at 6 or 7, so he only has an hour or two to play with the boys in the backyard before he has to leave.

Once Kel is gone, it's dinner by 6

Shower by 7

And in bed by 8.

Only to start the same routine the next day. It's lonely by myself at night, but I'm planning on getting a few craft projects started. Hopefully some DIY projects to fix up the house. Any suggestions or tips are welcome!

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