Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It seems that over the past month, C has gained more courage.

Jumping from heights that are best left to those who are older.

Allowing his brother to chase him with the hose knowing full well he'll be getting a face full of water of he gets caught.

And tackling the tunnel slide at the park.

Up until the beginning of May, C's itinerary at the park was geared towards climbing. Climb the stairs, climb the ladders, climb the short wall surrounding the playground...

Whatever could be climbed usually was.

While he still tends to climb more than slide, this month of June has shown C that slides are actually fun. And whether he goes by himself, with D, or with me, he'll be safe.  D has been a big help with this, as he loves to sit tandem with C and slide.

C has also over come his fear of the sprinklers at the park. Now it's so hard to tear him away!

I'm so happy that C has more fun now when we go to the park. Climbing stairs (or rocks) can get really boring. And it made me proud that D helped his little brother get over a lot of his fear of the slides.

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