Thursday, June 16, 2011


Happy Birthday my fantastic four year old!

June 16, 2007. 12:28 am. Your dad was to the right of me wearing his Kansas City hat and pointing his camera phone at the doctor waiting to catch the first glimpse of you. Your Aunt K was behind, and to the left of me, rubbing my hair and helping me remember to breathe. After a thirty six and a half hour induction and labor you decided to grace the world with your presence. All six pounds eight ounces, nineteen and a half inches of you.

Never had I been more scared.

Fast forward four years, and my how you've changed.

Unlike your quiet entrance into the world (you didn't cry until they brought in the NICU nurse), you are a complete chatter box. And while most of it is cute, there are a few words and phrases that I wish I could find a way to eliminate from your vocabulary.

You are still an absolute Daddy's boy. You may call me your Best Buddy, but if you had a choice between me and your Dad it would definitely be Dad.

You still won't go anywhere without Ducky. Even though his once soft yellow coat has turned into a dingy gray (smelly) mess. Not to mention the burn holes Ducky obtained in his foot Christmas 2009 when he was placed on Uncle B's dining room table too close to the burning candles. Oh how I wish I had thought to buy two, or even three, when I bought the original.

When you first turned three, you still weren't too sure of your brother. You'd touch him or give him his binky when ever he cried. You handed me a diaper and tried to feed him when I wasn't looking. However, you still didn't really understand what it meant to actually be a brother. If anyone asked, he was simply C. Gradually it changed to " that's my brother C" followed by a complete update on what mischief the two of you had gotten into. Now he is "Mister Moe and he's my little brother and we drive around in the Cadillac and play in the hose". You are so proud of being his brother. When he's hurt, you kiss his hurt and soothingly tell him that it'll all be ok. When he does something you know he's not supposed to do, you tell him to stop before he gets in trouble. And when he's giggling and smiling, it's usually because you are making silly faces or trying to entice him into a rousing game of chase (which constitutes as seeing how many laps around the house you two can make before one of you fall. But as great of a big brother as you are, you can't help but pull the big brother card when ever it suites you.

You have finally come out of your shell. Gone is the shy little boy who would hide behind my leg whenever we'd go see Poppy and Gigi. Now, you tell them to "Hit me up" every time we say our good byes and spend the entire ride home talking about when you are going to go see them again. Now, you run to your Aunt R whenever you guys come into contact. Instead of speaking a maximum of five words the entire time we are out, you'll say hi to everyone in the store. If they don't hear you the first time, you say hi consistently until you receive a response of some sort.

By the end of your third year, you have somewhat learned how to control your temper. Which isn't to say that you don't have one to rival mine. But you have learned when you need a moment to regroup and calm down. Which means that you have started to put yourself in time out since you where three and a half. Mommy is sure glad we are bast the head-banging-on-whatever-hard-surface-you-could-find phase. It was really starting to worry me.

I love you, my D. You, who first made me a Mommy. Who likes to call me Best Buddy and tells me that you "love me anyway" after we both lose our patience. You light up my life and keep me on my toes. I never know what you'll do, or say, next. And while we have had some issues that needs to be resolved (your back talk when you get in trouble could use some improvement), you are an absolute joy to wake up to. You give the best hugs and can always do or say something to put a smile on my face in any circumstances. I wish you could stay this way forever, but since you can't, I hope that when you are older you can still be proud to say that I am your Best Buddy.

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