Thursday, June 30, 2011

Make New Friends...

Today C and D got a special treat! My friend, C (I'm going to call her Miss C for the remainder of this post so there's no confusion) and her son, E came over for a play date!

I didn't tell D that he was going to have a friend come over until this morning. Knowing him, if I had told him any sooner he would have constantly been at the front door, watching as the cars drive by and asking if each car was E. As it was, this morning was spent at the door with a "E, where are you?!" followed by a "Mommy, when E gets here we are going to have a sleep over and me and E are going to sleep in your bed and you'll have to sleep on the couch." Needless to say, I nixed that idea pretty quickly. Not that E can't, or won't, ever sleep over, just that I won't be giving up my bed in order for him to do so.

C, D, and E loved playing in the backyard. It may have taking some coaxing from Moms to leave the toys and the games inside, but once they were out they were hooked.



Playing in the Cadillac was a must. Whether it D drive E, E drive C, or C drive E, all three boys had an enjoyable time.

And then the water came out. Or, to be more precise, D's pool and the hose became the main focus for the better part of an hour.

From drenching each other with the ice cold water to using the Toy Story 3 punching bag as a rolling log right out of Hume Lake, Miss C and I enjoyed watching our exuberant boys get to know each other.


I had to forfeit my camera batteries so that D could show E his new Cars 2 game for the XBOX , so I wasn't able to capture any pictures from lunch (I'm waiting for those pictures Miss C), however, I must say it was one of the more entertaining ones I've had in a while. Miss C and I cooked hamburgers and French fries while D was sucked into his video game and C used E as his own personal jungle gym ( what a patient little boy, E is!). It was a welcomed change to have someone my age (other than Kel) to talk to. Especially swapping stories on our boys and reminiscing about our high school days.

Once lunch was on the table, and we were eating, C decided that he wasn't getting enough attention. It started out with a contest with E to see who could make the loudest noise and ended with a (almost) full fledged food fight. I must say this kid is destined for football or baseball because his aim is accurate and he has power behind his throw. A piece here, a piece there, C was in the process of tossing the reminder of his French fries at E when I took his food away. All in all, it was a perfect lunch enjoyed by all.

After lunch, and an observation by Miss C that the boys have not behaving very energetically,  it was decided that a walk was in order. One of several reasons why we decided that our boys needed to get together was so they could wear each other out and make nap time easier. Being four years old is tough on a little boy and even more ruthless for the mommies. So we walked up the street until D decided that we were too far away from the house and then down the street until we almost reached the main road. At one point my mantra became "yes, Yes, YES! " as I watched D take off down the sidewalk, pumping his little legs to try to catch up to E and win the race. An imaginary fist pump in the air was all I'd allow myself in way of a victory dance, but I could almost taste the relaxation on the horizon. It was wonderful. Or it will be wonderful, once my little monsters guys were down for a nap.

It was an absolute success today and I can not wait to do this again next week at the park. Won't it be interesting to see how they do at the water pad, Miss C?

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