Thursday, June 23, 2011

Water Fun

A week ago, my little big D turned four. It was a great day followed by a fun family party that D absolutely loved. This was the first time that he actually understood that everyone was there to celebrate him. He sat up straight and shyly looked around as we all sang Happy Birthday to him, joining in with a few happy birthday's for himself. When it came time to open presents, he couldn't open them fast enough. With a huge grin and exclamations of joy, D opened each present and proudly showed them to me and his brother. While he loved the clothes from Gigi, was scared of the fish from Aunt K, and loved playing with the balloons from Aunt M until he decided to let them go in the backyard, it was obvious that there were a few favorites.

A slip in slide from Uncle H, Aunt D, and M, M, and H.

A Maternation Cars XBOX video game from Dad, C, and I.

And a pool from Aunt N and Uncle G (yes we are going to call him Uncle now Red).

Oh the pool. While the slip in slide was fun (until he slipped and bumped his head) and the Cars game kept him entertained (until he realized that it was hard and that he'd have to beat the majority of the game until he'd get the car he wanted), the pool was an instant, and constant, hit. With both C and D.

If it was left up to the boys, they'd be in the pool from sunup to sundown. It would be filled with the cherry red car that C loves to drive or the Toy Story 3 punching bag that I bought for D so that he'd stop pretending to hit me or his brother. I, on the other hand, can not wait to get them some pool toys that I saw at Target. I can already tell that this summer will be spent in the backyard with our beloved pool.

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