Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas {2011}

Christmas is my favorite time of year. The lights, the music, the food. All of it, rolled into one, spent with all of our family makes for one happy Mama. We were happy to visit with Nana in the beginning of the month when she came to watch Z. While it was short, and C wasn't on his best behavior, we are happy with anytime we can spend with Nana.

Christmas Eve was spent with Kel's family. We went to his Aunt's ranch and had dinner and opened presents. The boys loved playing with new cousins. Especially after we opened presents and found out that D got a football. Let's just say the "No ball in the house" rule was broken several times that weekend. We ended the night with a visit to Grandpa, as the boys and I have not seen him since Halloween. I continued my tradition of wrapping presents n Christmas Eve with a cup of coffee and Christmas Music.

C woke up Christmas morning before the rest of us. I had forgotten to shut his door completely (we have a safety knob on so he can't wonder the house in the middle of the night), so he had already opened a present before the rest of us woke up. Luckily it was one of his own, and it kept him occupied while we woke D up.

Present time!

C was loaded up with cars...

While D was ecstatic with a new Leapster Explorer game and Batman car.

Can you tell?

Well maybe C was a little more ecstatic with the Batman car.

I think I need to send a note to Santa about age appropriate toys. We had a mishap at Poppy and Gig's house when Uncle D accidentally hit D in the eye with a dart. But it didn't slow D or C down, and is still a favorite toy to play with today.

The boys and I ended the night with dinner and (you guessed it) poker. C loved playing with his cousins' toys while they were gone and D enjoyed showing off his Leapster. They loved the Spiderman masks and figures that they received from M and M and the new clothes from Poppy and Gigi, but the biggest hit was from Uncle D with his 1000+ piece Cars coloring kit. Every morning, C stands in front of the closet and says "Mom, I cowar! Mom I cowar Prease!" until I bring it down. Thank you everyone for making the boys' Christmas a great one!

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