Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Boy and his Ears

On January 3, C was diagnosed with his eighth or ninth ear infection. This time I agreed to go "back to the beginning" and we tried amoxocillan again. This time at a much stronger dose, and twice a day.

Wow does it make a world of difference when C can actually HEAR what is being said around him.

For the first time in...ever... C is actually trying. Trying to say new words, trying to mimic, trying to communicate what it is that he needs and wants. My favorite is when he says "D help! Let's pay."

Or when he tells me to "shh! qiet Mommy!" as he spies on his brother through the window.

About half way through the antibiotics, I noticed a huge improvement. Among the first "tricks" that he learned (finally) was his body parts. Head, belly, feet, ears are among the his favorites to point out.

Along with nose.

And mouth.

Today, C had his hearing test, which we were told was needed before an ENT would even consider seeing us. However, thanks to C's amazing doctor we have an appointment bright and early on Friday. Before we had even had the hearing test. Which I am happy to say C passed, even with the beginnings of another ear infection in his left ear. This poor boy can't catch a break, but I'm hoping the appointment on Friday will help with moving us in the right direction.

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