Friday, January 13, 2012


Wow, not blogging for over a week has felt pretty weird. I know I've done that before, but I've been on a roll lately and something threw a kink in it. Not that I didn't have anything to say, because I did.  I could have told you how I am now another year older and that day was so much better than it was last year, all because of the attitude of those around me (including myself). As D put it, it was an awesome day. Or how we were thisclose to getting a dog for the boys, but in the end had to back down because we wanted to make sure we were more prepared (financially) and the boys were a little bigger and more responsible with their things. I'll miss you Sasha.

So I'll re-start my blogging this month with the not so great. D and I got the flu. It was bad for me, but horrible for D. It made my heart sad to have to watch (and hear)him...vomit his little heart out while begging me to take him to the doctors.

Anyone who knows D knows that he HATES doctors. With a capital H. Unless of course the "doctor" is his daddy. The boys' received a Mickey Mouse doctor kit for Christmas and it was put to good use that night.

Thank goodness for Kel, because he had to take over main parent duties that night as my poor stomach could not handle it. So Kel also had to take care of me while he was taking care of D. Throw C into the mix, and it was a tough night for Kel. (Thank you Baby!)

Yesterday, I finally gave in and took D to the doctor. He's still been complaining of a stomachache, his eating is still poor, and he's just all around not good. His weigh in proved it. At 36.4 pounds (thirty first percentile) and 42 inches ( fifty second percentile), my buddy is one skinny string bean.

I thought it'd be a simple check up, but we had to wait for D to pee in a cup. It turns out, that the doctor was worried about appendicitis. Which never even crossed my mind. Even though it should have, because I had it when I was in high school.

After forty five minutes (we had to wait for D to pee in a cup remember?) the doctor finally came in. With a mask over her face, completely freaking D out. He didn't want to go anywhere near her, and tried to hide behind me the entire time. She had to turn around, with her hands in the air, three times before D finally accepted the fact that she wasn't carrying any secret shots to give him.

Ears. Great. Throat. Great. Belly. Not quite sure, as she didn't say anything after checking it. The final test was helping him of the exam table. D was asked to jump of the stool, and although he was not in the mood, he did. And passed the appendicitis test, as he didn't double over in pain clutching his side when he landed. So an hour later, and we know now that D is dehydrated and just has a bad case of the stomach flu.

We've been trying to beat it. However, it's taken a lot longer than I (or D) would like. It's been an off and on thing, where one minute he's playing and happy and the next he is holding his stomach and asking to go back to the doctors.

I will be happy when my little buddy gets over this.

And goes back to this.

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