Friday, December 30, 2011

Just Thankful

Today Kel came home with some great news. At least to me it's great, and there could be other, more great news that he hasn't shared, but tonight I'm happy. You see, C and D's Grandpa could use a prayer or two right now. It's not my place to post anything specific, but I know that we would appreciate any prayers coming our way. D really wants his Grandpa to get better soon so that "he doesn't have to see the doctor's anymore because they only like to give shots and when he's all better then they can go back to the shop together." Tonight's news stated that Grandpa has shown a small improvement over the past few days that is finally bringing some hope. It may be premature, but any hope with this situation is better than none.

C and D lucked out in the grandparent department. They have three sets who adore them, who at anytime will do anything for them. You ask D to list his grandparents and he'll tell you that he likes to go see Grandpa at Grandpa's shop and drive the tractor (forklift), he likes to go visit Nana and Papa because he can drive Nana's red car, and Poppy and Gigi are the best because they are fun and take him places in their big car (can you tell he's a car guy?) and have dogs. Even though D is a little afraid of dogs. But that's beside the point. The point is, my boys are very lucky to have six special people in their lives that they could turn to for anything.

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