Friday, December 23, 2011

{Flashback Friday}

In keeping with the Christmas theme for December, these pictures are of C's first Christmas in 2009. He was two months old, and slept through most of the present opening. Which was fine, as D liked opening all of the presents. C's favorite present for that year was the play gym. Whenever he would fuss because I wasn't holding him, I could place him on his play mat and he would be happy and content long enough for me to clean the kitchen or make dinner. We had a happy Christmas that year, with our new family of four.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I tried to take C to get his pictures taken. That didn't work out so well, as the place was packed, so I had someone I knew take a few pictures at their home. I think these turned out better than they would have at the picture place I had gone too.

A few days later I brought D over as well in an attempt to get a Christmas card shot. Luckily there was one good shot, even though I didn't send out Christmas cards that year.

We only tried to get a good photo for about ten or fifteen minutes, but with the way it ended you'd think that we held them hostage for hours.

Happy Holidays from the Clark-Walker family! Tomorrow will be busy with a park date with my boys, baking cookies for Santa, visiting Kel's aunt and dad, and ending the night with a trip through Candy Cane Lane. Sunday will be spent with breakfast and presents with the boys and Kel followed by a day with Poppy and Gigi (and hopefully poker) for the boys and I while Kel spends the day with his dad.

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