Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Break for the Boys

The boys and I have been pretty limited lately with the things that we can do. If it's not within the walking distance of a four and a half and two year old then we aren't doing it. Kel's dad isn't doing to well, health wise, so he's been visiting him almost every day.

So on Sunday, when we had an hour with the car, we drove to a new park that Kel had found. It has a three story playground that the boys just love. Of course C had to climb all of the ladders that would give me a heart attack.

But he got to the top every time without my help.

He loved running across the bridge.

While D had a hard time. He didn't like that it would move when he'd walk on it, so he sat down and scooted across. I offered to help, but he told me no. He is a big boy and he could do it himself. And he did ten minutes later.

Of course the slide was a big hit with them both.

As was the non-moving bridge on the third story.

To top off a nice day at the park, C had fun flying in the swings while D looked on (you will not catch D in a swing willingly).

It was a nice break from routine for us and we will be back there this weekend. With my good camera.

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