Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures (with a few words mixed in)

This weekend was nice and relaxing before Kel starts his new job tomorrow. We are so excited for the opportunity that has been given to him through Southern California Edison. Makes us less stressed for the day to day stuff and more hopeful for the future.

Friday night, D and I went to baby sit M&M. While he asked several times to go home, he did relatively well with the girls. Got a few grins out of each of them and sat on the counter to watch me feed them. He was a great big cousin and played with MG for a little while under the contraption that Poppy had built. D also enjoyed being able to see Poppy and Gigi for a few minutes, playing with Aunt R, and earning money from Aunt K and Uncle M for his job well done with his cousins.

Saturday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing. Kel and I mainly cleaned while the boys played so i don't have any pictures to share.

Today we spent awhile in the backyard. Between the sprinklers and the pool, the boys were pretty water logged. A quick trip to Wal-Mart, dinner, shower and then bed time and there went our weekend!

Can I just say how much I love C's perfectly round belly? 

This week, Kel will be leaving on Tuesday for training. Tomorrow we will find out the official schedule on how long he will be gone. While I'm sad he'll be gone, I'm looking forward to having a movie night or two with some of my friends. Hope everyone had a happy weekend!

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