Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Buggy!

For C's party I had this elaborate idea of how I wanted it to be.  Different appetizers for the adults to munch on while the kids bounced in the jumper, ran relay races, pinned the eye on the monster, or took a swing at the pinata. I had everything planned out at the end of July, and just needed to put the plan into action. Then reality hit. This party wasn't going to last for four hours, and family and friends were coming to celebrate the two years that C has graced our lives, not to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup or tortilla chicken roll ups. So I threw my plan out the window (or more accurately into my shredder) and just enjoyed the day.

Football inside for those who wanted to watch, chips and drinks outside for those who needed to watch their kids in the babysitter bouncer , it was a relaxing day, hopefully enjoyed by all. It was perfect.

In addition to the cupcake cake that I purchased from the grocery store, I made Halloween cupcakes that morning while C was still sleeping. Guess what the birthday boy got for breakfast when no one was looking.

After cake, the kids C opened presents. While he was trying to open them through out the day when no one was looking, when it came time to be the center of attention, C was more than happy to let others take the reins. C loved all of his new gifts, but I think the favorite had to have been the toy Bazooka gun that my brother got him. You have to love uncles who'll buy toys that mom normally wouldn't.

Once the guests left, we spent the rest of the day in the bouncer with E, Ms. C, and S. You could not pry those kids out of the jumper, even if you wanted to try. C loved it and I think we'll have to get a bouncer every now and then, just because. Especially since after playing for 8 hours, C fell asleep the minute his head touched his pillow.

I love you C. More than words could say. I'm so happy that you chose us for your family, as I couldn't picture my life without you.

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Courtney Linell said...

That was such an amazing day. Miss you!