Monday, November 7, 2011

One Small Step to Being a Big Boy, One Giant Leap away from Being My Baby

Yes I know that it's a long title for what will most likely be a short post. And yes I know that it was a really lame attempt at humor on my part, but it has just been one of those nights. So now that we've got that established, let's move on to the point of this post and it's lousy title shall we?

Friday C made the decision for me of dismantling his crib and transferring him to the twin bed that we received from my parents. He had climbed out of his crib before (mainly when D was in there egging him on), but he wasn't consistent and he loved sleeping in his crib. Until Friday, when he decided nap time was a good time to try out his acrobat skills and flipped himself over the side of his crib. Not once but four times. Can you tell that I was determined to keep him in his crib? While he lasted six months longer than D did, I dismantled the crib amongst tears (from me) and "Buh Bye Creeb" from C. Friday was hard. I had to leave to babysit my nieces and Kel didn't have a lot of patience for the cry it out method so when I got home a little after midnight all three of my boys were asleep in my bed.

Saturday, a light bulb must have gone off for C because when he was tired, and ready for his nap, he just climbed in his bed, asked for his blanket, Mickey, and binkey (still working on that one) and fell asleep about ten minutes after his head hit the pillow. Saturday night was the same, although I did wake up at 6 am Sunday morning with his little arms wrapped around my waist. Kel said he decided to join us at 4 am that morning. Sunday we had more success during the day, some nightmares at night which resulted in another slumber party with C and I, only this time in his bedroom. We'll see what tonight brings.

 The only blip in the process is that C loves to sleep on the floor, in front of his door, wrapped up in his Kansas City Chiefs blanket. While it's cute (sort of) and reminds me of myself when I was younger (I slept on the floor for a year because I was afraid of the top bunk), it makes it hard to check on them at night. Hopefully this doesn't last very long.  Aside from that, C has taken very well to this transition and has proven, once again, that he is no longer a baby.

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