Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Late Night Shennanigans

You gotta love the Santa Ana winds. Especially when said wind brings along a power outage. It was almost 10 so it shouldn't have been a big deal.

But the boys were still up. And D is afraid of the dark. And C has been weird with his sleep ever since he turned two. So whats a mom to do other than to make shadow puppets on the wall and watch as her boys decide to go bonkers.  C decided jumping in his crib and doing face plants was a great way to pass the time and D egged him on with his laughter.

It was fun for the forty five minutes that it lasted (minus an owie for C) but now they are asleep (after having to take pictures of the floor to find a rogue binky) and I am sitting here watching Glee and listening to the wind. Or at least I was at 11 pm last night when I started writing this post.

You gotta love the Santa Ana winds.

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