Thursday, November 10, 2011

Walking Donut Wednesday

I try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to get the boys out of the house and down to our local donut store every other week. Boys love the prize at the end and I love the energy they burn while running walking down the street.

Today we added an extra stop to our route so that we could pay a bill. Halfway through our neighborhood, C decided that he'd rather walk with his brother than sit in his stroller. How did he let me know? By standing up in his stroller (while moving might I add) and demanding "Mom out! Walk!". So like any good mother I let him run the last 300 feet before we hit a major street. This time I remembered to buckle both straps in the stroller.

After our short stop to pay the bill, and a long walk against  the wind, at which time our donut money almost flew away, we finally made it to our highly anticipated destination. Normally, C has donut holes and D has a sprinkle donut. However, this time C was very insistent that he be just like his big brother and ordered a yellow sprinkle.

While I got in a mini photo shoot, the boys devoured their donuts. And showed me that they knew what our lesson of the week meant. Sharing. Whether it be their donuts or their water, for once the boys had fun with each other and I enjoyed getting them out of the house.

On the way home, D decided that he wanted to push C in the stroller. Once we were on our street, I allowed D to take the reins and he ran with them. Literally. He was having a blast until he ran into the bushes. Then he let me drive C and he ran the rest of the way home. It was a great morning... minus the wind.

Mornings like this make up for the days that we had today. Let's just say that I'm happy that tomorrow will let us all start fresh.

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