Monday, October 17, 2011


It wasn't instantaneous. I was hoping, but I knew I was reaching.

It started out as a curiosity. D was unsure of what to make of his little brother, but he knew that this squeaky little boy was here to stay.

Once C became mobile, it turned into fun. D now had someone to play with. Someone who had his endless amount of energy who was more than happy to play chase for an hour straight.

Now. Well, now is my favorite time. Now my boys love on each other with no encouragement from me. Sure they fight, they throw things at each other, and spend time in time out for something that they did or said to the other. But that is how all siblings are. D will play WITH C rather than next to him. D will share his prized possessions (sometimes) rather than hide it on a shelf that C can't reach.

It took a little longer than I thought it would, but it's there. It may not always be evident, but it's there. Sometimes it's tangible, when D wraps an arm around C when he thinks no one is looking, or kisses his finger when C gets an owie.

Love isn't always at first sight. Sometimes it takes being around someone for thirteen months before you decide to do more than just feel it.

You show it.

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