Sunday, October 16, 2011


I seem to have the bad habit of taking a week (or five in the case of D and my theater experience) of writing down the exciting adventures the boys and I go on. I'll sit down to write, jot down a few paragraphs, go through the thousands hundreds of photos that I have for the day weekend and decide which ones I want to edit, and then life will happen. Kel will ask to go on a late night walk to 7-11, D will need help using the bathroom, or C will get stuck on top of the big bed where he was trying to turn on "Maceen" and I'll forget about the blog until the next day. I seem unable to write a post with out having a lot of pictures, and those take time to edit (still trying to catch up to the speed that Miss C is at with her editing).

So I'm hoping that by the time this month is over, I'll have more than four posts to share with those of you who are still around. Besides, a certain little fearless boy will be turning TWO next Sunday and while I've stopped doing his monthly posts, you will for certain be seeing a birthday post. Or two.

A week ago, the boys and I spent the day with my cousins. We started out at the "Alligator" park to play for an hour. It ended up being closer to two, but that's okay. All five kids had fun and played nice together, and that's all a parent can hope for. C had a blast following the big kids' lead, climbing on ladders and sliding down slides that are best left to kids who are older. At least that's what my heart tells me. However, my brain wins this round, and reminds my heart that I probably limited D a little too much when he was this age and need to learn that my children can fly. I just need to be close at hand to catch them if they fall.

It melts my heart to watch how my boys play with M and M. The girls are special. Not because they have Autism, but because of who they are. They are smart, and they are nurturing, and when I see M hold C's hand to help lead him to the park or help him down the slide, or M leave her world for a little while to love on C, it makes me so happy that my boys are able to bring out this side of them. And from the looks of their face (this is C's kissy face in the photos), they enjoy hanging out with M and M as well.

The park has a nice open field that ended at stairs that connected to a nearby school, which was great to let the kids play tag.

Or learn to fly a little more so that when he decided to climb the big ladder....

He was fearless.

After an attempt to get a nice photo of the Crazy Cousins...

We left to go to Party City to search for costumes for M, M, and H before we headed back to their house for some lunch. After lunch, D and H decided that squirt guns would be a great way to pass the time. Which eventually led to getting stripped to the unders and playing with the hose. Well, to be accurate it was more like H chasing D around the backyard with the hose until he got too hot and then relinquishing the hose to D to cool down for all of two minutes before taking command of the hose once again.

After drying off, and an impromptu bath for C, H came home with the boys and I to play for a few hours. Aside from dinner, the majority of the time was spent in the backyard playing football and basketball with Kel.

C, H , and Kel were playing so hard they didn't notice Swiper making off with H's shoe.

I love my Swiper...

Just as I love my family and the fact that the boys love having cousins close by to play with. It makes me very happy when D asks to play with M, M, and H in the morning.

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