Friday, August 19, 2011

Farm Boys

On Wednesday, the boys and I went with H and my aunt to Underwood Family Farms. We started off our morning with a quick Slurpee run from 7-11. A boy has to have his Slurpee right?

Underwood Family Farm is a great place. Especially in the fall.

You can pick fresh fruit.

Feed some animals.

Go for a train ride.

Go for a leisurely bike ride through some trees. Or walk.

Or jump with family. In a white padded room.

During the fall, there's hay rides through the sunflowers, cow train rides through the fields, a maze through the corn field, and little beans for toddlers to practice their pincher grasp.

(Yes these are pictures of D from the last time we went. About three years ago.)

I hope that we can go back again soon so that I can get C on a horse. And maybe we can pick our pumpkins too.

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