Thursday, August 11, 2011

Remy They Were Not...

Have you ever seen Disney and Pixar's Ratatouille?

If not, I'll try to sum it up in one sentence.... Remy is a Parisian  rat who loves food and is a master chef and ends up becoming a famous chef in a restaurant. One too many "ands" later and I hope you've got the point.

What's my point?

Yesterday I found my own Remy.

Well, what I was hoping to be my personal Remy so that Kel stops complaining about my lack of cooking (hey babe give me more than Top Ramon to work with). Turns out, Remy is really Emile (Remy's garbage eating brother) and he brought along Jacques, the cheese thief. Yes, I am cross referencing two Disney movies and yes I am done comparing the two field mice who have been trying to break into my house (and succeeded at one point) to fictional characters. Especially since these mice were very, very real.

Did you notice my use of past tense?

Sadly, Remy and Jacques have met their demise. Or at least Jacques has. Remy has been heard but not seen and therefore I cannot confirm the quality of his life.

But not before C,D, and E had their fun. While C and E jumped right in and enjoyed the antics of the mice, it took a little coaxing with D to help him realize that they wouldn't be able to eat through the glass to come nibble on his toes. Their favorite activity was to play cat and mouse. They'd wait until they got close enough to the window and then start pounding until Remy and Jacques scampered away. Remy was a brave, feisty little goober who could jump higher than D. Jacques was Fatty McFatty who just came out for the cheese.  It was the cheese that eventually did him in.


Ms. C and I tried to make the  experience educational. We talked about where the mice lived, what they liked to eat, and how they were more than likely brothers. So D's been on a "You are my Mom, Dad is my Dad, C is my brother and we are a family" kick ever since. Which is really cute, but after the Trillion and one time, I've found my self just nodding my head and murmuring yes. I think of the three, C had the most patience waiting for Remy and Jacques to come out of hiding and the most fun scaring them by banging on the window.

So while we had our fun with Remy and Jacques (and pissed off  angered Kel in the process), I am happy that they are gone. Or are they? I've been hearing some scratching at a different wall that sounds like a little goober trying to get back in. Time for Kel and his friend D to play executioner again.

On a side note, don't you love the collages? Picasa allows me to put all of the photos that I want to share with you into one nice little montage so I don't have to spend an exteme amount of time editing and you don't have to get bored with scrolling through the numerous pictures. Thank you Picasa!

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