Monday, August 8, 2011

Growing Up

Saturday, C showed me something that I haven't wanted to face.

My littlest is growing up.


He's shed the majority of his "baby" look and now seems so much older than he is.

I tend to forget that he's not quite two. Drinking out of cups, using the correct utensils, taking off his clothes for shower time, putting on his shoes when he wants to go outside, beginning to tell me when he has a dirty diaper... all things that C has mastered before I even began to form the lessons in my head. Even though I know I shouldn't, I compare the boys. I had used D's milestones as a sort of time line of when I could start making sure that C has reached them.  Aside from his speech (which we are slowly getting on track), C has surpassed any and all expectations.

Yesterday, C and I had some bonding time with my cousins. We went to Brandon's Buddies, which is an event that is organized for children with disabilities at Gates Park. Aside from the two playgrounds, misters, and swing sets, Brandon's Buddies offers arts and crafts, baseball, face painting, and refreshments. While the playground is open daily, the Brandon's Buddies events runs from 11 to 1 on the  first Saturday of every month.

The park offers a playground for toddlers that C enjoyed for a little while.

He liked that there wasn't a step higher than his knees and slides that weren't ten feet in the air. But he quickly got bored. It didn't help that he was one of three kids on the playground.

So we moved up to the big kid crowd. C had an absolute ball.

Running to and fro...

Climbing the rock walls...

Both of them...

and sliding down the red rolling slide...

I could barely drag him away from the playground long enough to get a drink of water and a quick picture with his cousin.

We spent an hour playing chase, giving me heart palpitations, and enjoying our special one-on-one time.

Thank you for inviting us M, M, and H!

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Anonymous said...

Make him stop growing!!! Before we know it we'll be sending the boys off to college.