Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Artist Temperament

As with all kids, D loved to color when he was younger. I laugh as I type this, because really he's only four. But D loved to color or paint and was proud when it was displayed on the fridge. Then he turned three and moved on to bigger things. Like my phone. Or his dad's XBOX. I want him to go back to coloring. My refrigerator needs the decoration from both of my boys.

Right now, it's getting a make over from C. My intense,brooding, sensitive little Scorpio has entered his artistic phase and nothing is going to stop him.

Not even bed time. Which I swear only happened one time. While I try and give him set times to let out his aggression with a crayon in each hand and not one but two pieces of paper lining his high chair tray, sometimes it's not enough. He'll get the urge to draw and will demand to be put in his high chair until I give in.

Or resort to being sneaky and take a crayon to the nearest wall... or window... or TV.  We try and keep the crayons in a high place, but we aren't used to the urgency that C has sometimes to just draw and thus the circles in multitude of colors gracing the walls and doors of my entire house. It's a good thing we haven't painted yet.

Looks like C will be getting one of these for his birthday.

Which I can't believe is less than two months away. Sigh. I want my baby back...

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Anonymous said...

I love the artwork!!