Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As a mom, you are told that the longer it takes for the teeth to grow in, the stronger they are. That they had more time for their jaw to grow, and so there is more room for the teeth and less likely for braces later on down the road. Does this make you feel any better when, at 15 months, your child only has six and is just beginning on their seventh? No. Not when you are postponing the majority of "people" food so that he doesn't choke while other babies his age have been eating them for months.

Well C has finally done it. He has finally got his third tooth on the bottom, seventh total. This momentous occasion earned him his first Oreo cookie and a reprieve from his drool.

And out came my camera.

We spent an hour together, playing and giggling, all while I was trying to catch the elusive shot...

I'd get so close when we'd say "Ahh" together...

And then he'd close up, like he knew that I wanted him to show off his pearly white(s)

Or he'd become super goofy and I'd completely forget why I'm snapping a million pictures in the first place.

But then I got the money maker :) I'm so proud of my Buggy. 

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Kaitlin said...


Dylan is working on his molars. They are totally behind schedule, and I now fear them...