Monday, February 28, 2011

A Lazy Weekend

This weekend wasn't anything out of the ordinary. The weatherman on the news said that the weather was going to be pretty nasty (even a chance of snow!) so we didn't make any plans to go out.

C had a slight fever for two days. The only other symptoms that he had were fatigue and a runny nose. The fatigue didn't last long and he only woke up with the runny nose. So I've decided that it is all part in parcel with his teething.

Kel tweaked his knee during his football game on Saturday. Luckily the MRI he had on the 13th didn't show that he needed to have surgery and rehab would be his best option. Unfortunately, our insurance switches this week so he'll need to have a second opinion and a new referral for the physical therapy. Now if only I could get him to stop playing for a season or two to give his knee a rest.

D and I made a quick trip to Target on Saturday night and apparently missed the once in a lifetime snow that we got in my city. Oh well maybe next time. D was so cute in the store, charming all the workers. He even charmed himself into a new car for being so good while we shopped for some infant Advil for C's fever. We went home to a good dinner, some time with Toy Story 3 on the Xbox, fun books, and a cozy bed.

Sunday's weather was beautiful. So crisp and clean after the rain. Makes one want to be outside. Which we did, but I didn't want to be out to long in case C's fever was more than just teething. So we made a trip to Toys 'R Us. I think this was the first time that C has ever been there. His face just lit up and he had a hard time taking it all in. I think we made about four trips around the store before he finally picked out some Dino cars that he can play with in garden  dirt . D got the army men from Toy Story 3 that you can pull their string and they will move. The point of our mission to Toys 'R Us was to get something for the boys to play in the backyard so we also got an Air Cube that we can toss around in the backyard.

 Can you see that C is still a little pink in the face? This is day three so it's good that we didn't do much.

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