Monday, February 28, 2011

Play day at the park


I'll admit it.

C and D don't play at the park as often as they should.

It was easier when we lived in the apartment since the complex had its' own mini playground. But now we are in a house with a huge backyard and no swing set as of yet. And there is only so much driving the pink Cadillac or tossing of a football one can do before it gets pretty boring.

So on the rare occasion that I actually have the car (we are down to one car right now), the boys and I try to make it out to a nearby park just to stretch our legs and test our climbing skills.

C decided that he was King of the Slides

D loved going down the slides... and even tries to climb back up

C loved being able to climb without being told no

And D loved running around with the other little boys and girls at the playground 

C spent some time on the swings and absolutely loved it

And D just stuck to the jungle gym

But, all in all, the boys had the most fun just playing together in the sunshine.

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