Friday, February 25, 2011

Is He Sick or Is He Teething, That Is The Question

Today my Buggy was NOT feeling well. The only thing that set me off that something might be wrong was that he was super sleepy over the past two days and extra cuddly.

I mean he stayed in my lap for over an hour without trying to get up.

And took not one, but two three hour naps.

And still went to bed early at 7:30.

What sixteen month old does that?

So I took his temperature and it read 99.8. Not too high, but this is the first fever that he's had in a year. He's been my healthy baby (D has had to many ear infections to mention) so this was a surprise for me. He took his naps and each time woke up with bright red cheeks that stayed that way for about two hours from when he woke up. It was like someone had slapped him repeatedly.

So we spent the day indoors ( a hard thing for C but made necessary by his fever and the rain) snuggling, reading books, making forts, playing with D, and watching a few of his favorite shows. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be back to his normal self.

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