Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday H!

Today D got to go to his first birthday party. His cousin, H , turned six today!

H decided to celebrate his birthday at the bowling alley. I believe he invited kids from his class room as well as his baseball team and a total of twenty three kids came. Even his teacher showed up! H is one very special boy and I am so happy that D's first birthday party was his.

D and I started off the morning with a Target run. Yes, I know last minute. But I figured that it would help kill the time before the party started. He was good for the trip, and didn't ask for anything for himself. He was very excited to pick out the present and proudly told the cashier that he was buying a special toy for his cousin.

On the way to the party, D fell asleep in the car. I knew it was around the time he usually took a nap, however, I thought that he'd just tough it out because he was so excited to bowl. The beginning was hard. D was shy (not so hard) and kept asking to go home (sort of hard). When something wasn't going his way, or if I wasn't responding to his requests quick enough, he resorted to his short, high pitched scream and a smack in the face (the hard part). I knew that he just needed a little more time to wake up as well as get used to the fact that there were so many kids around. I think there were a total of three parties going on at once, so the place was a zoo.  I think he was overwhelmed, and confused. I need to find more play dates for him.

 This picture says it all doesn't it?

Once D got to bowl a few times, the smile came out. It didn't stay out for long, but each time we went up to roll the ball the special D smile came out for awhile.

Once bowling was over, and he got tokens to the arcade, D seemed happier. He was excited to race his cousin on his favorite video game (it was a tie).

After the arcade came pizza and cake. This really perked D up and I finally got some smiles from him. Of course not for the camera but at least they were there.

All in all, I'd say that it was a successful first party for D. The first half was a little rough
(I blame it on the miss nap) but by the end he was enjoying himself.

Happy Birthday H! 

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