Monday, April 18, 2011

Worth the Wait

I finally got to meet my little Z over the weekend!

L and M brought Z on a whirl wind vacation to meet as many family members as possible. Wednesday through Saturday they were in Bakersfield visiting with Nana and M's aunt and cousins. Saturday afternoon brought them to the San Fernando Valley to stay with J and B and Sunday brought us all together at Great Grandma Walker's house.

Sunday morning was a rush. Getting the boys ready and out the door was a challenged because C wanted to just stay in the backyard and D wanted to play his Toy Story 3 video game. It's amazing how quickly I can get the boys cleaned, dressed, and out the door when I'm told I only have fifteen minutes to do it.

 Apparently there was no need to rush, as we were the first to arrive. C spent the time destroying exploring Great Grandma's house with Dad and D and I sat on the grassy hill , watching the cars go by until the guests of honor arrived.

Of course once they arrived, I scooped up Z and just held her for awhile. She's just the sweetest little snugglebug! D was excited, but a little nervous so he wouldn't get too close.

Great Grandma got her own special paparazzi. I believe at one point she had three people taking her and Z's picture at the same time.

L, M, and Z stayed at my house Sunday night. I snapped a few pictures of Z, but she wasn't feeling too well. It was a big trip for such a little body and she was just a little out of sorts. It was still nice to visit and the boys loved looking at their littlest cousin.

(yes I know I don't look all that great but in my defense I had just woken up) 

L and M also used this trip to make a big announcement. They are moving to Missouri in the beginning of May! It's come as a big shock, but this will be an awesome adventure for their family. Was it inappropriate that the first thing Kel and I thought of was being able to go to a Kansas City Chiefs game? I believe Nana said it best when she said, " I'm excited and happy for them, but I'm sad for me." I believe everyone in the family feels the same way Nana!

We wish you nothing but the best P family and can't wait till we can come visit you!  

(and C can't wait to hang out with Z again)

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