Thursday, April 28, 2011

D's New Cast

Well it's only a week and two days late but who's counting.

The main reason why I'm even writing this post is just for future references. I have found that my blog is a much more convenient method of keeping track of the milestones for the boys than their baby books. That's not to say I won't eventually update those, but I'm digressing...

 D had his appointment to get his blue cast off on April 19. He was very proud of his blue cast, and had everyone sign it, but he was ready for it to come off. It's very cumbersome and, as it's on his dominant hand, has made even the simplest task (like feeding himself ,  putting on his clothes, etc.) take an extraordinary amount of time and effort to were he'd just get frustrated and whine ask for help. Not that I mind helping him, it was the way that he asked that started to get old.

Anyway, Kel was home from work that day and had decided that he wanted to take D to the appointment. This was big for me because I am so used to being there for everything and knowing the facts first hand. But he wanted to do it, and I was tired from another long night with C so I said go for it. An hour later, D comes back with a bright yellow cast on that he said was for Ducky and asked what was for lunch.

To say I was surprised was an understatement.

Apparently when the doctor took D's cast off, D held his arm to his side and said that his wrist still hurt. He wouldn't move it and wouldn't let the doctor touch it. It could have been due to the fact that D hadn't really used his arm (or wrist) in three weeks so that was why he wouldn't move it, but the doctor was worried about the fact that D wouldn't let anyone touch it. So off to X-Rays he went to make sure the bone was healed.

And it wasn't.

Which I suppose was obvious since he came home with another cast. Apparently the bone is healing, but it wasn't completely healed. And due to D's age, the doctor felt that putting another cast on was the best option to limit D's opportunities of doing more damage.

So this time D picked out a neon yellow cast that glows in the dark in honor of his beloved friend Ducky the Duck. Who is no longer yellow, but a dingy shade of gray. But that's beside the point. D is very happy to say that he picked yellow this time for his friend. And I'm the only one who's been asked to sign it.

We go back May 3 to get this one off and hopefully be done with casts and splints all together.

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