Saturday, April 23, 2011

Halfway to Two!

Happy Eighteen Months Buggy!

Weight: 27 lbs (On April 15)
Length: Haven't been able to measure him this month

Teeth sure like to take their time:
  • Has all four molars
  • Has a total of between eleven and thirteen teeth ( I can't get an accurate count without the piranha bite)
  • The drooling has slowed down some so we may be waiting for the rest of them.

    What's Sleep? :
    • Went back to taking two naps of one to two hours during the day.
    • This month has been hell between another ear infection on April 6 and April 15 and teething.
    • I still get him in bed by 8. 
    • If I'm lucky, he'll fall asleep within 10 minutes and wake up around 6:30 am. 
    • If I'm not lucky (which this month I've been 85% UNlucky) he'll either fall asleep around midnight or he'll wake up a few times during the night. More often than not screaming his little heart out.
    • Have had a minor set back with Binky but still working diligently on getting that thing out of my house...
    • Will not sleep unless he has his soft Kansas City Chiefs blanket.

    Who needs to Eat:
    • Loves, loves, loves any and all fruit
    • Is still somewhat of a picky eater and most of his meals end up on the floor.
    • Has almost completely stopped eating table food and has fallen back on soft mushy foods like yogurt, oatmeal, and applesauce. It's a good thing that his Gerber Graduate Meals are soft and squishy...
    • Loves using a straw whenever possible which has resulted in the introduction to juice boxes.

    Who Talks Anymore:
    • is still more Noise Machine than Talking Machine
    • has started putting the few words that he does say together to make sentences (Lets go is his favorite phrase at the moment)
    • Says "Mamamamamama" or "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad" when he wants out of his crib
    • Hoping the latest antibiotics will kick the ear infections for good so we can get more vocabulary from him. I think know he's behind now...
    • Favorite word to say is Dian (Dylan)! 

      • This month hasn't shown me much "new" dislikes other than his complete and utter disdain for ear infections. 
      • He is disliking most foods that I'm feeding him (refer to his Eating section for more of those details)


      • C loves to jump. Whether it be on solid ground in a nice pile of leaves or his nice, bouncy bed.

      • C just learned how to drive the Cadillac and loves to drive his brother around.

      • C loves trucks, trucks, and more trucks.

      • C loves his baby cousin Z and can't wait to actually see his other cousins M&M. They've met, but the girls stayed in their stroller most of the time since they were asleep.

      • C loves to dance on tables.

      • C loves to blow raspberries. 

      • C loves to play video games with his brother (no I don't let him do it all that often, he'd still rather play outside).

      • C loves to climb on things that he really shouldn't, especially the ladders in the backyard. One handed makes it extra fun. 

      • C loves to try and open doors, any doors, with Daddy's keys. 

      • C loves to help in the garden, especially when I let him use his own shovel. 

        • C loves picking dandelions and weeds flowers for Mommy 

        My poor Buggy I'm so sorry this past month has been so hard for you. I hope that this next month brings lots of changes for the better! 

        I love you Sweet Cheeks <3


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