Friday, March 11, 2011

Ear Infections and not so great doctors

Well I finally took C to the doctor's on Wednesday. He's been in such a funk for the past two weeks that I thought it had to be more than teething.

We just got a new insurance starting March 1. I was really sad that we had to leave our old insurance because I absolutely loved the doctor at Kaiser (well technically I think she was a nurse practitioner). She was really warm and actually seemed to listen to any concerns that I had. She could get D to laugh (he's such a tough crowd) and C to sit still (he's such a wiggle worm.) Dr. F we'll miss you!

Wednesday I decided that I was going to just take C in. Fevers, loss of appetite, tugging on ears... this was all going on too long for it to just be teething. So I called the first doctor I could find on the insurance website and made the appointment.

When I got there, I noticed that there wasn't much for a toddler to do. Tons of magazines and books for the older kids and adults, but just a bunch of stuff to be torn up by the little hands of my sixteen month old. It took about twenty to thirty minutes for us me to fill out all the paper work and get verification that we were eligible for the benefits. During that time, D sat in a chair and read his book while C tried to sneak out the door, climb on top of tables, tear up magazines, and flirt with the lady at the front desk.

By the time they called our name I was ready to just go home. We walked to the back, C stood on the scale like a big boy (twenty six pounds with all clothes on and chunky shoes) and we got ushered into a small room on the left. I told the nurse his symptoms, she took his temperature (no fever at this time!), and left. All in under two minutes and without looking at me. Five minutes of waiting with a squirming C and a crabby D and Dr. G walks in. Introduces himself, looks in C's ears, declares that he has an ear infection, and tries to walk out the door.

Wait a minute! I have more questions and concerns for this little guy.

I ask him to check out C's soft spot to see if it's closing properly. A few good pushes on said spot, declares that it'll close by the time C turns two, and tries to head for the door again.

Wait a minute I have another question!

Can you please just feel my son's skull to make sure the bumps I feel are considered "normal" bumps for his age. C loves to climb and run and often falls on his head. Kel and I felt that he had one good sized bump on the top right side of his head, over his ear. So of course its a concern. Again, one (not so good) once over around C's head and he said, "Yup all is normal. Everyone has knots in their skull. Now let me go get that prescription for you and get you guys on your way."

Very condescending.

I didn't even try to bring him back with anymore questions. I just let him go thinking at least I will get some antibiotics for the infection and just bring it up with the actual pediatrician at the practice.

Whom I will insist I see at C's eighteen month appointment. Which of course I can't schedule until the week of his eighteen month birthday. Office practice apparently.

Even though he left much to be desired, at least Dr. G gave me the medicine to bring back my happy Buggy. I am also grateful that this has only been C's second ear infection. Much different than how D was.

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Kaitlin said...

Dude...Not cool...I hate docs like that!