Saturday, March 5, 2011


I think D is way too skinny. He's three and a half and I don't think he's changed in weight since he turned two. He likes to hover between thirty and thirty five pounds. Whenever I'd make a comment, Kel'd always brush it off, saying D was just fine and I liked to worry. I talked to other friends and family members, even his pediatrician, and everyone said that he was just fine.

But I can't help but worry. It would easier to pull my hair out one by one sometimes than get D to sit down and eat.You would think I'm trying to force brussel sprouts and liver down his throat with the way that he carries on sometimes. D won't try new foods anymore, won't go near a vegetable, and has started to lose interest in his "favorites". Which I don't blame him, but if he's bored with the "same old, same old" than he should at least try a bite of something new before he decides that he doesn't like it. So for now, I watch him push the food around his plate, drink his milk, and then declare "My tummy is full" and go back to doing... whatever it was that he was doing before I forced him to sit at the kitchen table.

I weighed him tonight and he weighs thirty three pounds. Thirty three pounds! And his height is at thirty eight and three quarters inches. According to that is the thirty fifth percentile for weight and thirty third percentile for height. His BMI is in 16.1 which is in the sixty first percentile so at least he is considered average in that aspect.

Looking back through pictures, it seems like only his facial features have changed in the past year. Like his face has lost its' "toddler look" and has now moved onto childhood. Other than that, the only difference in his two and half picture and his three and a half picture is his hair cut.

This is D in March 2010

This is D in March 2011. Do you see much of a difference? I don't. (Don't mind the grumpy face, but this was the closest pose that I could find to the March 2010 picture.)

I think Kel is finally on board with the whole eating issue because he made sure that D stuffed himself at dinner time. And lucky for me, it wasn't with junk.

I think it's time to take D to the pediatrician again...

See the ribs?

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